Angry Avians is the 2nd short episode of Cartoon City Revolution.

Angry Avians






The Angry Birds, the birds from the most popular game have arrived in the city after the pigs have stolen their eggs, again and then captured by a pet shop owner to sell to a community that watches flying birds and ground only birds. After the deal, the birds are taken by the Cartoon City Birdwatch Community to know their biology because they are not indigneous to the city itself, Black Bird fears that they might be dissected until they meet other birds that do not live here and get ready to be identified while the pigs have disappeared with the bird's eggs. 2 weeks later, they are all freed with other birds to hunt down the pigs.


  • This is the first appearance of video games characters, they exist in the show because anything animated and or cartoonish, they are accepted in the Revolution.
  • The episode was short because why would someone watch an episode with one plot with not much action.
  • Orange Bird does not appear in this episode and appears in other episodes.
  • The pigs appear later.