Cartoon City is the main location of all the shows.


Found during the Golden Age of Animation, Cartoon City is the capital of the world of animation with the most legendary cartoon characters living and existing and their projects turning the city itself onto a full blown city until The Great Animation War.

The Great Animation WarEdit

The Great Animation War began when a international cartoon character arrived and also that since the international cartoons make film depicting the Cartoon Cityians as the most dangerous animated characters. Nothing much else is known in the war except the city splitted.


The dispute has been cleared and all of animation is in harmony with the city staying splitted for unknown reasons.

Parts of the cityEdit

Cartoon CityEdit

The main capital of the country which is one of the cities to have an airport, so most people fly to there.

Northern Cartoon CityEdit

The north has been known to have 51% of the forests of the city with multiple animal species living there. Most of the deaths in the North are commonly from wildlife.

Southern Cartoon CityEdit

The south has been known to have the best doctors in the city which means that their city has smaller death rates. Most officals of the whole city go to the south to recieve medical treatment.

Eastern Cartoon CityEdit

The east has also been known as the perfect vaction spot and also has their own airport like the capital itself.

Western Cartoon CityEdit

The west is the most dangerous city.