Title Plot Episode Number
Pilot The Revolution has begun! 1
Angry Avians The Angry birds discover Cartoon City while on a wild egg chase and are trapped in cages by a mean guy and the only ones who adopted them is the Cartoon Cityan community. 2
IS THIS THING FASTER OR WHAT Fanboy panics in a roller coaster. 3
Anger Management Red Bird goes to Anger Management class but dosen't go very well, and Big Brother and Black Bird try to break a wall and meet some penguins from some other show.... 4
Weirdoes Vs Seafoods Mung Daal and Mr. Krabs duke it out in a customer battle. 5
The Sewers SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy go to the dark side of the sea. 6
Graveyard Attack Billy accidentally summons some zombies which dances to a song that everybody hates. 7
A Wizard and an Evil Person Kyle meets his match, Mandy. 8
Campin' On a camping trip, Patrick discovers Finn and Jake and nearly dies while watching them do some adventure and his friends desperately try to find him. 9
Ice King Makeover The Ice King does a makeover for himself to fool Finn and Jake until he discovers the life in the city, which is not as "cool" as the Ice Kingdom. 10
Some Yellow People The Simpsons come to town and cause hillarious incidents while Patrick paints his house yellow. 11
Underwater The guys go on a underwater adventure. 12
In It To Win It Orange and The Blue birds must sell as much candy as possible than the other talking animals in the first day of the candy festival. 13
The Unknown Guy The Ice King has a plan to capture Princess Bubblegum by disguising into a candy person until he is being chased by a bunch candy-hating people. In the second day of the festival. 14
The Last Day Sugar hating people attack the last day of the festival. 15
Semi-Spy Fail Mr. Krabs orders SpongeBob and Patrick to spy on Mung Daal to see what will he do with dangerous, but hilarious results! 16
The Action Sci-fi Fantasy Comedy and Horror Movie The guys try to unite the directors who create Sci-fi, Action, Fantasy, Comedy and Horror films to create the ultimate mash-up. 17
The Other Eggs The birds help some other birds to get their eggs, but the pigs are on the job. The debut of the pigs. 18
Skip It Patrick discovers what will happen if you skip the instruction because he just did it. 19
On A Wings Of A Crazy Plane The guys must maneuver a plane. 20
Shrunk and Eaten In a shrink ray incident, Sandy is eaten by Chowder and the others try to use her shrink ray to shrink in and get to the extremely small sub and rescue Sandy. But the immune system won't let it anyway. 21
The Endless Lie Milo engages on a dare to lie about him being a superhero and must act like one until the end of the episode. 22
The Superhero Pilot The guys become the IJLSA to beat Manray in this pilot of Cartoon City Superheroes! 23
The "Shootout" The guys go crazy stuck in a crossfire between two expert paintball teams and must create their own team to stop it. 24
Simply Stanley Stanley moves into town and Squidward and Patrick go crazy protecting the citizens from his "mass destruction". 25
Mine or "Die" The birds have to get their eggs back before they are stuck in a mining cave. 26
Dares that Last Forever Pearl is dared by her friends to go on a random date with Stanley, she is annoyed, but Stanley sees it in another way. 27
The Best of the Revolution I We give you, the viewers the best of the Revolution with the cast and their best episodes ever! 28