Now, the second season's episodes have taglines that will be the trademark of the Revolution.

Title Tagline Plot Episode
Cancelled! Sitcoms are just weird. Animated sitcoms begin their invasion and causes some problems with the Simpsons family because the people think they are sleeper agents for the sitcoms. 29
Hitmen When they mean hit, they didn't say obliterate. The Ice King hires some hitmen to hit Finn and Jake, but they have different motives: one will try to blow them up, one will try to zap them to death and one will try to just hit them. 30
Alien Panic Panicking, the worst thing to do in a hoax. Finn and Jake get in an indestructible iron ball and get catapulted into the city and the people panic thinking it's an alien invasion, meanwhile some of the green pigs are on the run from some pink colored pigs who think they are aliens. 31
Fancy Fixing Worst. Fixing. Ever. The guys fix something, and Squidward learns about fancy fixing that is expensive and useless. 32
The Yesman Say yes to no. Stanley begins to say yes to everything which will cause problems to the guys. 33
Golf War Fore! The guys begin the Golf Tournament, and the birds dish out another battle with the pigs in a game of golf. 34
The Spy-lot: Part 1 I have no idea what you said. The guys are hired by a spy agency and get their first mission. 35
Date (Pearl's POV) Makeup is not enough. Pearl gets ready for her date. 36
Date (Stanley's POV) Friends might slightly kick the relationship. The same as the previous one. 37
Biggest Pie Prank Ever So much flavour. A guy wants to have the biggest pie prank, but pie lovers will stop him. 38
Celebrity Party PARTY HARD! But not that hard. The guys prepare for a star's birthday party, roast and upcoming film trailer. 39
The Hiccuping Must be an outbreak, RUN! When people get hiccups from a popular drink, the mayor panics and then sends eveyone with hiccups to a room where they will stay there forever, and they must escape and prove that it is not an outbreak. 40
First Day of Summer It begins. We will see what will everyone to summer. 41
Violence In Silence Silence, the only thing I can say. The city is covered by a nearly indestructible dome. 42
Glasses of Nerdicon Shut up, smartypants. The Glasses of Nerdicon is now owned by Patrick which nearly claims everybody's lives. 43
Eastern Cartoon City Preview N/A We preview the upcoming show Eastern Cartoon City. 44
Angry Avians: Fly Angry Air rage. The pigs use jetpacks to escape to a secret hideout, will the birds be able to finally get their eggs? 45
Left 4 Dream Play nice, kill nightmares. Jake, Patrick, Mordecai and a doctor get stuck in Finn's Dream Zone and must destroy his ultimate nightmare to free him and the four guys. 46
maerD 4 tfeL .seramthgin llik, ecin ylaP The guys bring to you Left 4 Dream, reversed! 47
Dreamful Speedrun FASTER! The guys fastfoward Left 4 Dream. 48
Anything I Want I have nothing. In this episode with drama, a rich teen learns that he cannot buy love with money, and even buy anything else. 49
Angry Avians: It's a Trap! TRAPPED. The birds have been captured by CCBC's enemies who sell any kind of bird, and they must escape and rescue the other birds. 50
Among the Ruins Last starfish on Earth. Patrick thinks he is the last Cartoon on Earth and tries to survive, but he does not know that everybody is doing the longest hide and seek game of all time. 51
SoftAir Softer than air. The guys do an airsoft 10 vs 10 match. 52
The Spylot Part 2 Confirmed. The guys begin their confirmation mission. 53
DAY 1 N/A 1st day of camping. 54
DAY 2 2nd day of camping. 55
DAY 3 3rd day of camping. 56
DAY 4 4th day of camping. 57
DAY 5 5th day of camping. 58
DAY 6 6th day of camping. 59
DAY 7 7th day of camping. 60
DAY 8 8th day of camping. 61
DAY 9 9th day of camping. 62
DAY 10 10th day of camping. 63
DAY 11 11th day of camping. 64
DAY 12 Last day of camping. 65
The Best of Cartoon City 2 10 more awesome moments! 66