Title Plot Episode Number
Gates of the Olympics The guys prepare the construction of an arena for the 5 yearly Dimension Olympics. 068
College Stanley tries to complete his last year in college. 069
Slightly Regular Show After a disaster in the world of the Regular Show, the main characters go to Cartoon City to stay there and change 25% of the word fun. 070
International Affairs A few of our friends go to France to only meet french versions of themselves. 071
Left 4 Zombie Walk The goverment panics thinking that the zombies are coming and the "uninfected" stop them from blowing up the city. 072
Love and Destruction Finn and Jake start a fan war of action adventures and romantic comedies, will the directors of the genres handle this?


The Peerish The guys go to a wedding and Homer is under peer pressure. 074
Horror Under 1000 Meters Everyone we know gets stuck in an underwater mall with oxygen running out. 075
Inside the Revolution The simple documantary about how does the revolution control crowds and deliver the best. 076
Lucky Star After Patrick's old childhood friend (not SpongeBob)dies, he meets the Starfish of his dreams at the funeral, can this relationship blossom, or will it be gone? 077
The Council Red Bird tries to put his new friends into acceptance by the bird council. 078
One for Nine Trailer This episode features the upcoming Cartoon City: I Spy special with the background on how it was created. 079
Vol-cano Island The team flies to a newly colonized area. 080
Season 2 in a Bookshelf The entire second season, in 24 minutes. 081
Season 1 in a Bookshelf The entire first season in, 24 minutes. 082
Not the 100th Episode Because the 100th episode is coming, the team talks about other shows after the 100th episode milestone. 083
The Higher Revolution The Revolution must rise to higher heights as the attack of the sitcoms continue. 084
Fail TV The team gets ready for the crazy world of Fall television. 085
Flashed 086