Episode 1: Season 1: Ghosts of the PastEdit

A police officer finds that his girlfriend is killed and plans to murder criminal lookalikes thinking they killed her in 10 weeks. Ghosts who were murdered by the real group team up with his girlfriend's ghost to try to posess the group's leader before it is too late. (Date: September 10, 1999) (Movie: #2301) (Genre/s: Action, Horror)

Episode 2: Season 1: HellhouseEdit

Seven friends are trapped in a house by a psycho and must hunt him before he hunts them. (Date: October 31, 1987) (Movie: #1980) (Genre/s: Horror)

Episode 3: Season 1: Nuclear L.A.U.N.C.HEdit

A team must hunt down five nuclear missles with the acronyms L, A, U, N, C and H. (Date: March 20, 1981)

(Movie: #1979) (Genre/s: Action)