Narrator: Chapter -1: Prologue. Cartoon City, 2019

Unknown character 1: I can't believe we finally get futuristic innovation next year!

Unknown character 2: TO THE FUTUR-

Unknown character 3: Not today. Robots, ATTACK!

Narrator: Cartoon City Underground, 2039.

(Train passes by)

(Zooms into train)

Guy 1: Train, would you hurry up? I might be late for a stupid mission again.

(Train stops)

Guy 1: Finally.

(Arrives at base)

Officer 1: You're late! We don't have time, this is an emergency!

Guy 1: The coffee machine's down? Come on man! I want action!

Officer 2: It has action.

Guy 1: What is it?

Officer 2: Wel-


Guy 1: What was that?

Officer 1: Those were the minions of the most dangerous villain who ever lived,------ ------.

Guy 1: Then, what will I do?

Officer 2: You'll be joining these guys.

(A group appears)

Officer 1: To go on an epic adventure to the surface, and kick that guy's butt.

Guy 2: I'm Andrew Galaxy, weapons expert.

Girl 1: I'm Samus Arcana, daughter of Andy Arcana, a deceased agent.

Guy 1: I'm Bartholomew Barrelson, a scientist.

Guy 2: Your name sounds like those guys with his first and last name starting with the same letter. But since your first name is pretty long, it's hard to see it, maybe.

Officer 1: C'mon, let's go!

(Opens sewer gate)

Guy 1: The sewer?

Officer 2: Do you really think we're "advanced" in any way?

Officer 1: And....take these weapons.

Narrator: Chapter 1: Dawn of Doom.

(Manhole cover open)

Guy 1: What happened here?

Guy 2: Some sort of renovation is going on here.

Girl 1: We should save this here forest.

Guy 1: Sounds like an Earth Day special. We could use this plot.

Guy 2: There should be an outpost here. We would expect light to medium resistance from the robots.

(Zooms out to a tree)

Robot 1: COMMENCE JUMP! (Jumps)

Guy 2: Watch out! (Blows up robot)

Guy 1: Nice shot!

Guy 2: I don't like being noticed, like when you beat a deadly bad guy and no one cares.

Guy 1: We better dig underground until we reach a place the robots would not expect.

(Starts digging,breaks through restroom tiles with no one there)

Girl 1: Disgusting! How do robots use the restrooms?

Guy 2: Robots use this restroom to relieve their excess energy that is created by unknown material, if they don't remove it, their circuits are temporarily shut down.

Girl 1: You sound smarter than you look.

Guy 2: (creeped out) Okay?